Devlyn Camp

Producer, writer, host

Devlyn is an alumnus of Columbia College Chicago. Before pursuing a degree in Writing & Producing for Television, they studied musical theatre history with Albert Williams, whose guidance led to a passion for queer history. Devlyn's work with the Mattachine podcast earned them a place on the Windy City Times
 "30 Under 30" in 2018 and recognition in the Chicago Tribune, just above a fab photo of Mary Steenburgen.
You can also find their writing covering the queer beat in the Chicago Reader.

They co-host and produce They & Them, a queer news podcast in Chicago. 
Devlyn also writes middle grade historical fantasy (featuring queer characters, of course) with their writing partner. Email if you have any inquiries! If not studying queer history, they're likely watching Frasier.


Paul Di Ciccio

Editorial Advisor

Paul is a director and performance artist living in Chicago. He is thrilled to be working on Mattachine and to be shedding light on an ongoing struggle for liberation. He has a degree in Theatre Directing with a minor in Women & Gender Studies from Columbia College Chicago.


Albert Williams



Albert is a journalist, theater artist, teacher, and activist in Chicago. He was an award-winning editor of GayLife and Windy City Times newspapers in the 1980s, and his work as a theater critic for the Chicago Reader won a George Jean Nathan Award. In 1982, he represented GayLife at the Washington, D.C. conference of activists and health professionals at which GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency) was renamed AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

In 1985, he co-produced “Arts Against AIDS,” a benefit show at Second City that launched what would become the AIDS support agency Season of Concern. Albert also held leadership positions with the Chicago Lesbian and Gay International Film Festival, the Gay and Lesbian Town Meeting, the Coalition Against Media/Marketing Prejudice, and other cultural and political groups. He has taught music and theatre courses at Columbia College Chicago since 1985. 

Albert was inducted into the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame in 2003.


Miss Jean Dempsey


Former treasurer of the Citizens' Committee to Outlaw Entrapment, 1952. Participated in the committee's fight for William Dale Jennings, until the committee's merger with the Mattachine Foundation.

Voice actors

as Harry Hay (in addition to real audio of Hay 
courtesy of ONE Archives at the USC Libraries)
as Chuck Rowland
as Bob Hull; Phil
as Marilyn "Boopsie" Rieger; Kinsey Reporter
as David Finn; Newscaster; Sen. Ralph Brewster; Muncie Star Reporter; Mr. Scherer; Confidential File
as Genne Call; Geraldine Jackson; FBI informant
as Gerry Brissette; Dale Olson/Curtis White
as Jim Kepner
as Mattachino; Sen. Kenneth Wherry; Jack Spicer; Frank Pestana
as Hal Call
as Paul Coates; Sen. Millard Tydings
as Sen. Styles Bridges; State Dept. Interrogator; FBI agent; Mr. Tavenner
as Deputy Undersecretary John Peurifoy; FBI agent; James the printer
as George Sokolsky; Captain Stanley
as Journalist; Mr. Doyle
as Reverend Wallace de Ortega Maxey; Dorr Legg
as Ken Burns
as Phyllis Lyon
as Rose Bamberger

Steve Camp     

Nathan Cooper
Henry Coates
Courtney Tesh
Jon Roth
Faye Camp
Paul Di Ciccio
Gage Kile
Albert Williams
Domenic Caruso
Garrett Williams
Evan Camp
Mike Knish
Mike Lyczak
Matt Camp
Sal Gado
Brian Huff
Annemarie Friedo
Jen Freitag

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