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"It's like Serial for LGBT history."
SAGE, the world's oldest and largest non-profit agency dedicated to serving LGBT elders

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"After Hours with Rick Kogan"

"After Hours with Rick Kogan"

"Spectacularly compelling and informative... artful and heartfelt work."
Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

"Devlyn Camp has produced what I consider one of the most remarkable listening experiences I have recently had... A compelling and lively history lesson.
A remarkable job."
-Rick Kogan; Chicago Tribune journalist, host of After Hours with Rick Kogan

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"It's fitting that writer Devlyn Camp chose to podcast the story of the Mattachine, the United States' first successful gay emancipation movement.
Like the majority of queer history, the movement's inception took place deep in the closet
muffled and through word of mouth, relying on people operating outside conventional media networks. In order to communicate, queer folks had to take language, media, and distribution into their own hands. As a medium, the podcast totally falls in with this legacy."
"The series illustrates the importance of LGBT history by spotlighting a crucial point in the modern gay-rights movement... The subject matter couldn't be more timely. The series emphasizes the importance of knowing LGBT people's roots and history at a time when, once again, their rights and existence are being threatened."







"The Mattachine podcast is one of the best podcasts we’ve listened to. Not only is it well-researched and immaculately produced, it goes into the stories about the foundation of modern LGBTQ activism — both where we’ve been and where we’re going."
"Our newest suggestion is Mattachine... It guarantees more intrigue than your typical history lesson, uncovering issues that our community still struggles with today... Get ready for some drama!"


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"Still recovering from the disaster that was Roland Emmerich’s Stonewall? We might have the antidote."
Click here to hear Out Chicago's interview with our producer Devlyn Camp on WCPT 820 Chicago.


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"In the growing genre of thrilling serialized podcasts like 'Serial' and 'S-Town,' the excitement, drama and in-depth reporting that have enraptured you...a new serialized podcast promises all this and more as it takes listeners on a journey into a lesser-known piece of queer history."

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